Rosemary O'Leary Prize for Scholarship on Women in Public Administration

November 24th, 2018

Rosemary O’Leary Prize for Scholarship on Women in Public Administration

In 2019, IRSPM is launching a new prize for scholarship on women in public administration, named after Rosemary O’Leary – an outstanding academic and a previous IRSPM Routledge lifetime achievement award winner.

Prize scope

This prize is for the best article published in a volume year in a public administration (including public management or public policy) journal, on the topic of women and public administration, broadly defined. For the inaugural (2019) prize, this means the article must have appeared in a volume dated 2018.

Criteria on which entries will be judged

  1. Significance of the contribution to scholarship on women and public administration
  2. Excellence in writing and communication
  3. Scholarly innovation and rigor

Conditions of entry

  1. The author(s) may be of any gender identification, but must be a member of IRSPM (if the article has multiple authors, at least one of the authors must be an IRSPM member)
  2. The topic must be women and public administration, broadly defined
  3. The article must have been published in the preceding volume year.
  4. Authors may self-nominate or be nominated by others
  5. IRSPM reserves the right not to award the prize in any given year

The IRSPM President (or delegate if there is a conflict of interest) will chair the judging panel, and the panel will include three other (non-conflicted) IRSPM board members.

Submission Guidelines

A digital copy of the nominated article should be emailed to the IRSPM Elections Secretary (, along with a brief (no more than one page) statement that outlines why the article has been nominated. Submissions are due each year by 31 January of the year immediately following the volume year under consideration.