Invitation for the Nomination of Keith G. Provan Award for Outstanding Contribution to Empirical Theory

January 27th, 2016

The Keith G. Provan Award was established by the members of the Public and Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management in 2015 to posthumously honor the legacy of excellence that Keith brought to the field.  Throughout his career, Keith contributed high level theory that innovated existing fields, and broke open emergent fields in management and public administration.  The hallmark of Keith’s work was undoubtedly his contribution to theory building through empirical investigation.  His methods were varied and suited the question at hand, but his work always spoke to theory.  Additionally, Keith reached into the best available literature to inform his work, not limiting himself to his trained discipline (management) or his adopted one (public administration) –but rather finding insight from an eclectic set of literature and bringing the best knowledge to bear onto his problem of interest.  Future recipients’ work should embody these ideals and contribution.

Selection criteria

Recipients should be a distinguished contributor to the field of Public Administration.  Her/his contribution should:

Nomination and Selection process

All nominations should be emailed directly to this year’s chair of the committee, Kim Isett at: by Friday February 12, 2016. Nominations should include a copy of the nominated individuals’ vita and a statement from the nominator.  Self nominations will not be accepted. All nominations will be reviewed by the award committee. The committee will review the nominated individuals’ work to asses their contribution to theory, empiricism, interdisciplinarity, impact of work, and stature in the field. The award will be given at the Business meeting of the Public and Non Profit Division at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.  The Division is not compelled to make the award every year if a suitable candidate is not available.