Call for Panels for the 2017 Annual IRSPM Conference

June 13th, 2016


International Research Society for Public Management
(IRSPM) Twenty-First Annual Conference

"The Culture and Context of Public Management"

April 19 - 21, 2017 – Budapest, Hungary

On behalf of the Organising Committee for the 21st Annual IRSPM Conference to be held in Budapest, Hungary on April 19-21, 2017, I cordially invite you to submit Panel proposals.

IRSPM uses a two stage process. This first call is for PANEL tracks to which abstracts will be solicited in a second round.  Prospective Panel chairs and co-chairs should develop a topic on an important theme of public management, particularly ones relevant to the overall theme of the conference, which can accommodate a variety of papers.

Once the panels have been accepted by the Scientific Committee, it is the responsibility of panel chairs to:

IRSPM2017 seeks panels covering a broad range of topics, as connected the overall conference theme, with chairs from a diversity of countries.  Please note that in the case of similar panel submissions, the Scientific Committee will ask panel chairs to collaborate in leading consolidated panels so as to ensure overall coherence of the conference.

The theme of the 2017 IRSPM Conference is: 

The Culture and Context of Public Management

Academic studies as well as practical attention often target generalized tendencies and patterns characterizing the field of Public Management. Set in the cultural, historical and political arena of Central and Eastern Europe, the conference theme will focus on the ways in which the ‘soft’ contextual features such as the cultural and historical conditions mediate, modify, limit or possibly even revert these general patterns. Attention to these and other related issues may help the academic community to detect the limits of our concepts and theories, and to develop ones that better fit the individual contexts in which they are put to use.

Recent and current developments in the European Union and elsewhere too exposed, with great clarity, dilemmas and issues related to such topics as: prospects and possible distortions of democratic and effective governance, the possibilities and limitations of accountable, integrity-based and effective policy making and implementation, the interplay between formal and informal institutions and so forth. These issues deserve attention not only from a regional perspective, but are intriguing and highly topical from a broad theoretical and practical perspective too.

Proposal Submission

All panel proposals should include the title of the panel, the name and affiliation(s) of the chair(s) and a description of the panel topic.  Proposals should be in and around 200-300 words and not exceed one page.  Note that panel proposals must be in English. Please use the Panel Proposal template for submitting your proposal. The template can be accessed on the conference website

Panel proposals should be submitted by e-mail to no later than 30th of July, 2016. Notification of accepted panels will be provided by August 15, 2016.  The Call for Paper Abstracts will open on the same day.


György Hajnal


Institute of Economic and Public Policy

Corvinus University of Budapest

Director of the Scientific Committee