Accounting and Accountability SIG Workshop in Venice

July 31st, 2016

Accounting and performance measurement are often seen as the global, rational and functional response to the quantification, managerialization, and governance of an increasingly complex and strained public sector. Interestingly, however, these phenomena have been studied in parallel and even separately by different disciplines.

The Special Interest Group’s Annual Workshop provides a collaborative and interactive environment where different perspectives on accounting, performance measurement and management in the public sector are discussed. This year’s Workshop on “Public sector accounting, Performance measurement and Performance management: towards a dialogue?” will take place in Venice, Italy, on November 28- 29 2016. Keynote speeches by Frank Verbeeten and Wouter Van Dooren will give impetus to the inter-disciplinary dialogue that will address current tensions and challenges, and identify future research avenues, strategies, and projects.

Attendance at the workshop is free of charge. For further information on the workshop and registration details, please contact the  Accounting and Accountability SIG's convener Ileana Steccolini at