Benefits for new researcher

 Through the IRSPM website and the annual conference, the chapter aims at providing a forum for exchanging ideas, information and suggestions on how to design and conduct research, as well as information on career opportunities, PhD and postdoctoral programs.

Each year specific, events for New Researchers are organized at the annual IRSPM conference, for example:
  • the New Researchers' panel, where young researchers can present their current research and obtain feedback from leading academics of their field, as well as from their peers

  • the meet-and-greet reception/lunch, during which researchers can meet each other and the executive board members

  • the Editors' Forum, where New Researchers meet editors of leading journals in the public management field

  • Doctoral Workshops where experts engage in a dialogue with New Researchers on issues such as publishing, writing, research methodology and methods.
Scolarships and fee waivers opportunities are provided to award excellence and to ensure geographical diversity in the panel.

The Osborne Best Paper Award is awarded every year to the best paper presented in the New Researchers' Panel. Two papers won the prize in 2016: Jose Nederhand and Ingmar Van Meerkerk with 'Governmental framing of citizens in welfare services: partners or clients' and Vivian Xuan Tu with 'Exploring co-production processes and outcomes: a systematic literature review'.

We trust you will take advantage of all the benefits that joining the chapter entails and we are also open to suggestions as to how to further assist you in your work!