Scope, purpose and relevance of the HM SIG for IRSPM

Healthcare is a technology intensive sector, highly regulated by the public subject. The public sector is also directly involved in the healthcare production processes in many countries. On one hand, the modernization process of the public sector and the financial austerity climate call for managerial improvement in terms of both service delivery models and accountability means that could foster effectiveness and efficiency (Anessi Pessina & Cantù, 2006; Fattore, 1999). On the other hand, demographic, technologic, and epidemiologic trends call for a serious re-thinking of principles and practices guiding management in healthcare (Lega & Calciolari, 2012; Bohmer 2009; Damiani et al. 2009).

In the XVI IRSPM Conference, the panel “Managing contradictory consequences of healthcare trends to provide public value: The role of healthcare management reforms in the 21st century” several international participating scholars set the stage of an influential and intriguing debate about healthcare management reforms and strategies to deal with apparently conflicting goals belonging to the evolving demand and the blurring health professional domains. This successful outcome and the interest of several participants in continuing the experience raised the awareness of a potential academic and expert community interested in collaborating toward common research goals.

SCOPE: this SIG will cover the scope of issues pertaining to healthcare structure, financing and delivery. We are particularly interested in multidisciplinary approaches aimed to understand how health systems work and what outcomes are associated with different permutations of system design and implementation. The approach to healthcare in different countries provides a challenging an interesting landscape from which to learn. We are especially interested in comparative work of national and regional approaches to healthcare provision, as well as empirical analyses of the efficiency and/or effectiveness of different organizational models operating in similar contexts.

PURPOSE: The HM SIG, from a research perspective, is aimed at contributing to the international debate on the role of management technologies and logics in healthcare paradigm shift/s, on their impacts on professions and patients, on their evolutionary paths as well as on how they can answer to the current challenges of the sector.

From a professional perspective, the HM SIG aims at developing and disseminating influential knowledge, capable of contributing to the improvement of practices in developed and emerging economies.

RELEVANCE: The HM SIG supports IRSPM’s aims by catching the attention of and involving scholars interested in healthcare management and policy issues; it will testify the attention of IRSPM towards the crucial themes that rise the political debate about this relevant sector of the welfare. More specifically, it will gear continuous attention towards these themes, generating a knowledgeable and informed intellectual community around cutting-edge healthcare issues. Special attention will be devoted to the following aspects:

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