Complexity and Network Governance 

Purpose and objectives:

Society faces complex issues that require complex solutions. Scholars are studying this challenge from many different perspectives, but the complexity and network perspectives are two dominant ones in public administration and public management research.

Our SIG was convened in response to the increasing number of panels and papers presented at IRSPM conferences addressing the intersection of complexity and network governance. We aim to advance research on complexity and network theory, through systematic literature reviews, editing special journal issues, developing and supporting research grant applications, and identifying research intersections with other SIGs and conference panels.

Much of the literature on the complexity and network governance remains theoretical, but these perspectives are increasingly useful for practitioners. Our SIG intends to translate its members’ research findings into practice by providing practitioners with real-world management and evaluation tools that track the performance of network governance systems.

Key dialogues, presentations, and outputs:

Our SIG has a wide range of activities planned in service of our key objectives, including:

Primary contact:

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Mary-Lee Rhodes

Trinity College, Dublin