The 22nd Annual IRSPM Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland 

(April 11-13, Center for Service Excellence, University of Edinburgh Business School)

The theme of the IRSPM 2018 conference is creating and co-creating value in public service delivery. One of the key debates in the public management community is about the 'value' that is created by public services. This debate has included elements concerning, among others:

Several schools of thought have been developed to pose frameworks for these debates (such as Mark Moore and 'public value', Gerry Stoker and 'public value management', and Stephen Osborne and 'public service dominant theory'). Several journals, such as Public Management Review and Strategic Management Journal are commissioning special issues to explore precisely this issue. We are now at the point where a clear articulation of value in public service delivery is required, as well as the processes through which it can be created (and destroyed) in public service delivery. This is likely to be the cornerstone of the development both of public management theory and of public service delivery as the twenty-first century progresses. Consequently, now is a key juncture for IRSPM to take a strategic role within our research community in leading and shaping the conversation about the creation and co-creation of value in public service delivery. The 2018 IRSPM conference is committed to this task. 

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