Call for Panels: IRSPM Annual Conference in Finland

June 23rd, 2019 •

On behalf of the Scientific and Local Organising Committee for the 24th Annual IRSPM Conference, which is being held at Tampere University, Finland from 22-24 April 2020, we cordially invite you to submit proposals on conference panels. The conference theme for 2020 is ‘Smart public services?’

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2018 AGM Meeting Minutes

April 2nd, 2019 •

Friday, 13th April 2018 (12.30 – 13.00)
McEwan Hall - Foyer 5

Attendance list: see attached file.

1. Minutes

Minutes from the 2017 AGM are distributed and unanimously approved. They will be put on the website after approval.

2. President’s items

3. Announcements

SIGs. The board approved a new SIG of Public Sector Human Resource Management, the renewal of the Accounting and Accountability SIG, as well as the Public Service Motivation SIG report.

4. Constitutional Amendments
The following amendments (in italic) to the Constitution were proposed and put to a vote:

Article 1: Legal Status and Seat
1.1 The International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM)
IRSPM will consist of public management and policy implementation scholars and researchers from different countries. This organization will have the status of a non-profit society (‘Verein’) under the laws of Switzerland. IRSPM has its legal seat at Schanzeneckstrasse 1, 3001 Bern, Switzerland, as has been agreed on by means of a memorandum of understanding with the ‘the Kompetenzzentrum für Public Management’ at the Bern University.

Justification: identifying a legal seat in Switzerland is the condition to keep IRSPM under Swiss regulation and hence keep the IRSPM bank account in Switzerland.

Approved unanimously.

Add to article 7 the following
“7.12. At the AGM specific issues can be proposed for decision by electronic ballot of IRSPM members to take place before the next AGM.”

Justification: this allows the AGM to decide on a specific issue before the following AGM. However, an electronic ballot can only take place on the issue specifically identified at the AGM.

Approved with 1 abstention, none opposing.

5. Conference Manager’s report
The conference manager presents his report, discussing conference policies around budget, ex-ordo system, early-bird registration fee, gender, priority given to SIGs, continuation of members’ survey. The length of the conference is discussed (ie, whether the last day should remain a full or a half day), and the usefulness of making the programme available earlier, as well as the usefulness of making the programme of a single individual visible are discussed. Possible future seats of the conference in 2020 and following years are discussed.

6. Treasurer’s report
The Treasurer presents the results for the closing FY and the outcomes of the work of the spending committee. In the light of such work, the ideas are advanced to allocate 10,000 euros to support attendance from developing countries in 2019, while creating an endowment account to manage the cumulated surplus. To ensure that IRSPM members can vote once more information is available on these two issues, a proposal is put forward for an electronic ballot to take place before the next AGM re the decisions on the grant system and the endowment account.

The proposal is approved unanimously.

7. Elections
The President presents the results of the electronic vote for 2018. The results are as follows.

President - Jenny Lewis
VP Latin America - Ricardo Gomes
At Large members –
Christine Flynn
Deborah Blackman
Madeline Powell
VP Eastern Europe Gyorgy Hanal
Election Secretary Mariafrancesca Sicilia

A proposal is advanced for an electronic ballot to take place before the next AGM re constitutional amendments related to IRSPM board elections. The proposal is approved with one member opposing and no abstentions.

Suggestions are advanced to break the links between membership/attendance to conference and to look at when the board members start their roles, to ensure better hand-over.

8. AOB

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Erik Hans Klijn Honored

March 20th, 2019 •

Erik Hans Klijn, the immediate past president of IRSPM, has been recognised by the University of Ghent for his extraordinary contribution to scholarship on network management over 30 years. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in a ceremony held last week.  To see a short video on his scholarly work (in Dutch but has English subtitles), featuring our current IRSPM conference manager, Joris Voets, click here. Hearty congratulations to Erik Hans Klijn for this great honor! 

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Wellington Conference Fee Waiver Scheme for Attendees from Developing Countries

January 22nd, 2019 •

IRSPM is committed to offering a limited number of sponsored places at our annual conference to enhance the ability of people who are currently working at institutions in developing countries to be able to attend. These will cover the conference registration fee in full, though recipients will be responsible for their own subsistence, travel and accommodation in relation to the conference.

These sponsored places are only available to conference participants who have already had a paper accepted for one of the conference panels. This is a necessary condition.

Beyond this necessary condition, applications will be considered by a small committee. This will be chaired by the IRSPM conference coordinator and will comprise 1 member of the local (host-site) conference scientific committee and 1 member of the IRSPM executive board.

If you are currently working at an institution in a developing country and would like to apply for this scheme, please send an email to Prof Joris Voets by 8 February 2019, 24:00 Central European Time.

The email should briefly address each of the 3 criteria below. Decisions will be made and communicated to applicants by 15 February 2019.

This committee will weigh all applications against 3 criteria before deciding upon offers of sponsored places. These criteria are:

  • That the applicant’s current (at the time of applying) institutional affiliation is in a developing country that is under-represented at the conference,
  • That the applicant’s participation addresses a regional imbalance in the participants at the conference, and
  • That the paper is one that addresses an important topic for the conference (e.g. a key topic of significance for public management theory or one that is novel or under-researched, or a novel or innovative methodological approach).

The committee will balance these criteria in their deliberations and will act as a decision-making forum in its own right. The decisions of this committee will be final.

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Rosemary O'Leary Prize for Scholarship on Women in Public Administration

November 24th, 2018 •

Rosemary O’Leary Prize for Scholarship on Women in Public Administration

In 2019, IRSPM is launching a new prize for scholarship on women in public administration, named after Rosemary O’Leary – an outstanding academic and a previous IRSPM Routledge lifetime achievement award winner.

Prize scope

This prize is for the best article published in a volume year in a public administration (including public management or public policy) journal, on the topic of women and public administration, broadly defined. For the inaugural (2019) prize, this means the article must have appeared in a volume dated 2018.

Criteria on which entries will be judged

  1. Significance of the contribution to scholarship on women and public administration
  2. Excellence in writing and communication
  3. Scholarly innovation and rigor

Conditions of entry

  1. The author(s) may be of any gender identification, but must be a member of IRSPM (if the article has multiple authors, at least one of the authors must be an IRSPM member)
  2. The topic must be women and public administration, broadly defined
  3. The article must have been published in the preceding volume year.
  4. Authors may self-nominate or be nominated by others
  5. IRSPM reserves the right not to award the prize in any given year

The IRSPM President (or delegate if there is a conflict of interest) will chair the judging panel, and the panel will include three other (non-conflicted) IRSPM board members.

Submission Guidelines

A digital copy of the nominated article should be emailed to the IRSPM Elections Secretary (, along with a brief (no more than one page) statement that outlines why the article has been nominated. Submissions are due each year by 31 January of the year immediately following the volume year under consideration.

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